Powder Appearing On Fud After Storage

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    No worries! I'm based in the UK and most of my modelling has a UK focus although there are a few N scale souvenirs from the other side of the pond in my collection. Clearly I have a namesake who also likes wagons/freight cars.

    I've seen some very promising prints from a friend with a Photon and am also planning to try out a company here in the UK who offers SLA printing for scale models (Form 2 IIRC).

    My own feeling (and it's just that) on printing artefacts is that SLA/DLP tend to smooth over small things (whether you want that or not). I suspect that with FUD/FXD/Fine Detail Plastic the layering artefacts are worse than would be explainable with the layer depth and resolution alone but I don't know why this might be. One of my other prints has 0.2mm holes for wire handles. These work fine with FUD/FXD but I expect they will be lost with an SLA/DLP print.

    Splitting tank barrels is certainly an option but as well as cleanup we also need to be confident of the repeatability and accuracy of the print - any errors (e.g. from sagging) will show up as a registration issue when the parts are joined. Most issues with most printing options are easily solved with a welded tank but with rivets your cleanup and adjustment options are severely limited.

    Regards, Andy
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    I should have figured it out. 1:152. Eindhoven. UK sunlight. (mis) spelling of "artefacts". My bad.

    Well THAT Andy just got a 20lb bottle of N.... and is also an excellent modeler.

    Back to the topic...
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    Yes, resin flows, what is more, it can be partially cured with DLP, creating smoother transitions. FUD/FXD is spitting multiple blobs of resin that must stay in place enough time for the curing, so they can't be as fluid. And IIRC, it gets a shaving pass to level the layers. The others have the flat work zone for free, by means of top or bottom of resin in tank.

    SLA/DLP is decades old, so resins for it must be too. Just like resin for fake teeth isn't new, and it lasts a lot. With SLA/DLP, there should be no bubbles in solid parts, trapping air or uncured resin that later can react with the activated resin, unlike in FUD/FXD. Ironic that it is called Smooth now.