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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by nigelren, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. nigelren
    nigelren Well-Known Member
    I was looking at how to distribute anything I sell and initially I thought it would be cheaper to buy a batch from SW and then post them out using (as I'm in the UK) the Post Office.

    This is fine if posting just to the UK as recorded delivery for what I want to sell is about £3. A lot cheaper than normal UPS delivery from SW. But when I looked at using international tracked postage, it seemed that this quickly becomes more expensive.

    Also (if) I sold something in the USA, it would probably be cheaper to post directly from SW as they can print and send it from the USA.

    How do others cope with this? Are most things posted direct from SW or does anyone else keep stock and post stuff worldwide using other shippers?

    (Over complicating things as usual :-/)
  2. leonoudehand
    leonoudehand Active Member
    I keep stock of all of my products and pretty much solely ship them myself. Reason being that my products are perfectly suitable to ship in an envelope by letter post so I can ship worldwide for about €1,20.

    Unfortunately shapeways doesn't offer the option to ship by letter post...

    I guess it depends on where/how you sell your products. If you plan to keep stock, you'd also have to have your own website or etsy shop or so through which you sell your products.
  3. GrumpyAlison
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    It also depends a bit on the product. I sell a lot of rings and dice sets, so to keep a stock of rings particularly would be insanely expensive because i'd need to have the design, color and size the person wanted or they'd have to order it custom.

    I've been listing all my rings/etc on etsy and then just manually placing orders when people need them. I usually sell all my prototypes for a discount through etsy and ship them out myself whenever people want them.