Post production polishing?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by fraochdha, May 13, 2012.

  1. fraochdha
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    Couple questions here.

    Is the stainless material solid stainless to the core? Can you polish it as much as you want after the receipt to achieve a high luster finish? If so are there any good techniques for this? how much can you polish a bronze finish without taking it down to it's stainless core?

  2. GlenG
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    This material is a true composite, a blend of stainless steel and bronze. Parts are (or should be) solid and consistent to the core. Printed parts are barrel tumbled to smooth and polish the surfaces. The natural color of this material is generally greyish silver with a slight red/gold blush. Parts that are plated or have the "bronze" finish can not be further polished without removing these treatments. If you want to do more polishing on your own it would be best to order parts in the basic SS finish. It is not very difficult to add your own bronze patina. This can be done either with heat or chemically. I believe you will find some discussions about this here on the forum.