Post Processing Page for each Material?

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  1. jmandesigns
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    One thing that really seems missing from shapeways is a way to easily understand what material is good for which sort of end result/post processing. Everyday we are seeing how designers evolve the usage of a material to do some neat things. We need to better communicate and collaborate on post processing capabilities of each material. And we also need to store these capabilities/results so that other designers can see what a material is truly capable of.

    For example I needed to create some silicone molds from an item, it should be fairly obvious to me that MJM based FD and FUD are amazing materials for this, with the only prep work required being wax removal. However the community doesnt have a way to really share how the uses of each material is evolving and tie those new pieces of knowledge to the material page, which is actually potentially hurting designers in their material choices/selection.

  2. mkroeker
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    While this kind of information is currently spread out over hundreds of messages in the post-production, "it arrived" and sometimes also the general and "work in progress" forums, at least it is there and growing, and the forum search function, while not perfect, allows one to find most of it. It would probably take a shapeways intern or a volunteer with lots of time on their hands to collect and sort what is already there.
    (A wiki system for collaborative editing might be useful, but seeing the regular spamming on the forum and blog - though using captchas on the latter seems to have helped - it might be better to host it on some less visible site)
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    So basically your answer is, it would take somone with time at shapeways to develop these pages or a knowledgebase system, and then information is already available via searching. . . . Thats my exact point, it takes designers all time to research the same stuff over and over, so why not create a simple either knowledge base or knowledge page highlighting post production techniques of each material, it really just helps them sell the capabilities of their own materials better.

    I love shapeways dont get me wrong, but the forum system actually is one of my biggest gripes, its pretty bad while the rest of the service is very good. The search options are terrible, the interface has alot of css issues. it seem like were on some budget bulletin software like SMF or phpbb, which while do the job are missing many features that make for a better user- forum experience.
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    At least the forums has an awesome moderator :p

    Post production techniques have been discussed along with other things we'd like to make more accessible.
  5. jmandesigns
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    haha heck yeah!

    The one thing thats really won me over to shapeways aside from the top notch production skills, is the support, staff and community!!. I've learned so much from everyone here.

    Thanks for the help though :). Also I hope I didn't come accross as too harsh about the forum. I just run a forum of my own (for 6+ years) and use (paid) IPBoard, and its just a much better experience overall IMO, and very easy to integrate with additional services.
  6. Youknowwho4eva
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    No offense taken on my part. I'm not in charge of the software :). We are always happy to be aware of where we can improve.
  7. bartv
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    Hey folks,

    we'll be working hard on improving our tutorials section, and could use a little help here. Would someone be interested in helping us collect the best post processing information and help maintain a page (or section) on this?