Possible to... with Stainless Steel

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  1. S_Till
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    I haven´t ordered my jewlery model j
    yet, because there are some questions before...

    1st of all: is it possible for a jeweler here in town to insert gemstones into the steel model?
    2nd: is it possible to make the steel model black? (with lineoil and heat)? (sure before inserting the gemstones)...

    Why doesn´t accept shapeways my design made with SketchUp8?

    Thank you so far...
  2. UniverseBecoming
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    For a jeweler to insert stones you will need to make recesses in your design that except the stones. Also too, stones are usually held in place by metal prongs that bend over and secure the stones.

    I don't know what lineoil is. Can you be more specific? There are numerous patinas that can be experimented with to alter the color, see Caswell Plating for starters. Keep in mind though that it is not 100% stainless steel, but rather a mixture of stainless steel and bronze. So when doing any kind of chemical reactions you need to realize that you'll be working with two completely different alloys bound together as one.

    There are numerous reasons why you would get a Sketchup rejection. Can you send us the file? Or is it something you want to keep private. If don't mind people having it for personal use then upload it here as an attachment and someone from the forum will take a look at it and show you what's wrong.
  3. S_Till
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    Dear James,

    i´ts this item: (Version is older - including the gemstones)


    http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=55310920c 6aa11d963b54e167a2a2f43&prevstart=0[/url]

    For upload to shapeways I´ve converted it into .dae

    There are moulds for the cabochon-cutted gemstones at the front of the fotoframe part and a little under...

    "lineoil" is some natural oil that you can use to make steel black. you put it on an heat it up to 400°C. While burning anway it makes some chemical reaction with the metal (usualy used to protect iron not to get rusty) - lineoil is also a typical indrigent for oilcolour. That´s the german Name for it - maybee it´s called different in english... :blush:

    Thank You
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  4. BillBedford
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    1/ Possible but it is difficult and it will be hard to fins anyone with experience of having done it.

    2/ Yes, but it will eventually wear off.
  5. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice design!

    I wasn't able to download it from the Trimble Warehouse and I don't see a link to your DAE file. I was however able to see the 3D view on Trimble. From this view I can tell you that you may have a problem with thin walls. What are the basic dimensions of this item? Also, you'll want to make sure you have proper clearance on that hinge if you want to 3D print it in situ. If you don't have proper clearance it will be welded together.

    Take a look at these design rules for Shapeways' stainless steel.

    As for lineoil I can't find any information about it other than it is an oil known about in Europe. That's ok though because I know what process you are talking about. Yeah, as Bill stated it's going to wear off eventually, but only from the high spots so that may look good depending on the starting color of the stainless steel / bronze.

    The steel/bronze may be hard to bend over the edges of the stones so you may need to use epoxy or if you're going to use star sapphire as stated in the Trimble Warehouse description you can probably solder the stones in place being that star sapphire can withstand extremely high temperatures. The blackened base with blue star sapphire will look great!

    The English translation for what you're making is called a locket.

  6. S_Till
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    Hallo again!

    I´d like the item to be massive. It´s dimensions are: height 9cm (if closed), width 9cm, deepth round about 2,5cm...

    For inserting the cabochon gemstones: I´ll ask the jeweler who made the wedding rings of my best girl... ;) (stainless-steel-rings)

    I only have to figure out, how to close the fotoframe-part at the top... maybe magnetic?

    If the black colour weares of that´s no Problem - als long as it isn´t silver... ;)
  7. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Yeah a magnet would work great! Like one of these tiny nickel iron boron magnets. You'd just make a recess for in the design and then glue it in place.

    EDIT: neodymium, not nickel. Probably nickle plated though. :p
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  8. S_Till
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    Dear James!

    That are the ones i´ve been thingink of... ;)

    I´ll work over...
  9. AmLachDesigns
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    Are you going to print the lid/cover of the piece separately? How will you manage the hinge?
  10. UniverseBecoming
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    Good point! I missed that! :D
    I keep getting the process confused with direct metal laser sintering. :p

    Yeah, you cannot 3D print that in Shapeways stainless steel in situ. You'll need to print the hinge separate from the main structure and then assemble it. :)