Possible To Repair Burnet Brushed Esc?

Discussion in 'RC Cars, Boats and Planes' started by Pankh, Feb 14, 2019.

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    I've been using an old yellow xl-5 brushed receiver with a Titan motor and 2s lipo. Everything ran fine and cool until a couple days ago when I noticed a severe drop in power and a burning smell. I figured it was toast but on the bench I was actually able to get it to go in reverse with light initial throttle application, almost as if it can't handle burst of high current. This makes me thing the esc is not completely fried and that maybe a couple mosfets burnt out. I'm thinking some water got in there as I didn't exactly take the proper ithe proper precatiuons to keep it dry. I'm planning on upgrading to an inexpensive brushes system but I curious to know if I can revive the XL.5 as a proof on concept. Maybe with more robust fets to handle more voltage or current. Thoughts? Insights? Ridicule?