Possible support for other picture formats?

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  1. I'm sure there's been at least one other topic on this subject, but it was ages ago, and I can't find it, even with Search.

    Would it be feasible to allow the product pages to support picture formats other than JPEG? It's great for photos, but when I try to upload any CG model images they almost invariably look terrible. It'd be much better in my opinion if we could also upload PNGs, for example, which have similar compression but are better for images with lots of flat colour and sharp edges, like a CG screengrab.

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    Good idea.

    I would really like to see an option to upload a... GIF file
    (up to a set limit in size)

    It would be great to create a small animation file for ex. for jewelry , rings, pendants etc.. for a quick model display.

    (youtube is ok but it's a lot of work and time)

    Any rendering software can do a turntable rendering that would show customer how the model really look from 360 deg. and in full color & FAST !

    (the "view in 3d" java is a time consuming task and also doesn't load fast... plus i doubt new surfers even know about it - since the "View in 3D" button was replaced by a hidden tiny link..)

    [ BTW, last Firefox update killed the java viewer for me generating lot's of errors ]

    Bottom line: a spontaneous buyer browses your page, he/she get a quick full color turntable animation - to further support their buying decision. simple and doable.

    Of course if there is such a fast 360 deg. full color turntable viewer in SW's "to-do" list then that is even better & automated.

    Here is a quick sample of one of my dice designs, i made it in 20 seconds using makeagif.com :

    @Drawn-Steel Hero
    After lot's of trial & errors i found out that the best displayed rendered-pics are at 1600X1000 res. - lower then that and you get strange artifacts.

    Hope this help.


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  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try that later. But the site resizes pics when you upload them; don't they get shrunk down anyway if they're bigger than 700x519?

  4. dizingof
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    A pic with 1600X1000 resolution will look the best after the shrinking to 700X519

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    It sounds to me that we should look into the image quality of scaled images. If set up properly, resizing an image should not be a problem?