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  1. WorkshopAlex
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    As a hobby, I render lots of images using Poser 7 and I wonder what possibilities I have to have some of my models printed in 3D. Since I have almost no experience with any other 3D tools and applications, I am at a loss here about how to get my favorite models printed in 3D.

    There is some advantage to supporting Poser too, since this software makes it quite easy to generate nice (or naughty) human-shaped models and it can export these models to some other file formats. If you have permission to sell reproductions of these models to others from the ones who originally uploaded them, it could be really interesting for many Poser-fans to use.
  2. Whystler
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    Hey there :)

    If you know how to get your poser model into 3D Studio Max .. or Blender .. or Maya .. or any other 3D modelling package, then you can convert it to one of the proper file types that Shapeways uses, and then submit it for printing.

    If you don't know how, there are lots of tutorials on the net to walk you through the process of exporting your poser model.

    You will have to monitor things like clothing, however, because physically clothing in poser can be quite thin - possibly too thing for Shapeways to print without damaging your item.

    One more thing .. you may have to contend with copyrights for certain poser clothing and accesories if you have bought them from 3rd party sellers (ie. on Daz) , and intend to offer your model for sale.

  3. WorkshopAlex
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    Unfortunately, Poser happens to be the only 3D application that I have installed and which I use regularly. I did install Blender in the past, didn't like it so I reclaimed the diskspace. Have installed the Maya Personal Learning Edition too, but never had the time to play with it. Played a bit with Bryce and Daz Studio but preferred Poser anyways for any 3D images. Exporting my Poser images is not a big problem for me. Tried that several times already. Problem is checking if the export was exported correctly. Which inexpensive tool would allow me to see if my model would look good when printed? (And e.g. warn me if clothing is too thin?)

    About copyrights, I don't intend to sell any of my printed models but other Poser artists who make their own content all by themselves might be interested in such a deal.
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    Daz3d is really good at exporting collada files with everything intact, much more so than Poser Pro in my experience.

    I used a poser head for my HeadSpace bowl and it required a lot of cleanup, deleting of unnecessary polygons et c.

    Figures are going to have to be cleaned up and have any open holes sealed. Eyelashes and hair are going to have to be extruded because they are generally 2d planes. Clothing is also generally, if not always, single-sided so it too needs to be 'bulked out'.

    If you want to print solid figures, this is easy - just extrude the faces so that they intersect the body. If you want everything to be hollow so that it costs less, you've got some work ahead of you.

    I recommend maya for doing all of this, because I recommend maya for everything. Programs like Accutrans and Meshlab will be helpful in checking if the model has any holes et c.
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    I use Poser 7 as well.
    You can export the design from Poser as an Obj.
    Import the Obj. into Meshlab <a href="http://meshlab.sourceforge.net" target="_blank"></a> (free).
    Click the word "Filters" then "Clean" then "Remove Duplicated Vertex".
    Click the word "Filters" then "Clean" then "Remove Non-Manifold Faces".
    Save updated Obj. file.
    Save file in STL format.
    Upload STL. to Shapeways.
    I use DAZ Studios' Hexagon 2.5 for model creation.
  6. globo
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    I've tried it and failed. I got an email that the Model has inverted normals.
    I then tried to invert the whole model with the same result.

    Probably the eyes, mouth or hair cause this.

    Will the result be a solid model?
    How can I "hollow" it out so that I only have a surface that's like 1mm thick?

    Two Problems, anyone have a solution for either one?