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  1. extruder
    extruder New Member
    Hi :)
    Is there a max number of polys per model for upload to print?
    I'm creating a piece in zbrush, and its pushing 4 million polys.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. TomZ
    TomZ New Member
  3. aaronzhu1985
    aaronzhu1985 New Member
    there is a plugin that's included in zbrush called declaymation master. look it up on youtube, you won't be dispointed
  4. extruder
    extruder New Member
    thanks, i'll try that out.
    but i don't understand:

    "the volume of the cube needs to be the same actual material volume, no bounding box."

    what does that mean?
  5. rhyging5
    rhyging5 New Member
    hello everybody, it is still one million of triangles the current limitation? thks in advance
  6. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    Yes, you still see this on the upload screen. There have been sporadic reports suggesting that this is not a hard limit as far as the site software is concerned - but consider (a) automatic fixing may need to create additional triangles (b) automatic tests may time out if the file is too big (c) in the end it probably depends on which material you want to use - each printer and associated software will have its own limitations. (My wild guess is that the "sandstone" printer would be the first to drop off the list as it has the additional burden of color information.)
  7. rhyging5
    rhyging5 New Member
    thanks a lot! you clarify me all the doubts ;) but not agree at all that is a good limit. Two million would be more close to perfection ;)