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    Hi i need help again. The attached file is 7.16" X 4.66" X 0.59" and its volume is 16.533cc with 467116 polygons. When i upload this file it came back with a "too many polygons" error.

    I've tried uploading it in two files using inches" as the scale and they work fine. So, can anyone tell me what is the problem?


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  2. GHP
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    Shapeways has a 500,000 polygon limit per file uploaded. It also has something called "MeshMedic" that, among other things, will try to unify any overlapping meshes. (This ensures that the computed volume used to determine the prices will be correct.) My guess is that MeshMedic is exceeding the 500,000 polygon limit in this process. You can either upload multiple files (as you already did), or reduce the number of polygons used.

    I used Meshlab to reduce the number of polygons in your file to 400,000 (using "Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation" from the "Remeshing, simplification and reconstruction" submenu of the "Filters" menu, with the "Planar Simplification" option). I haven't inspected the resulting for any oddities, but Meshlab says that it is still manifold. (I tried reducing the number of polygons by half first, but this left several small holes, apparently.) I've attached the resulting file.

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    To clarify that just a little further: we actually have a 500,000 *triangle* limit. If your object constists of 500,000 squares they'll get converted into triangles first and after that our server will spit out a warning.

    (Not that this was relevant in your case, I just wanted to share this nugget of insight ;)