Polygon limit question??

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by mhy3D, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. mhy3D
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    I have now seen 1 million triangles mentioned as the max polygon limit.

    But I just uploaded successfully a model with almost 1 million quads.
    Not tripled, mind you, but the original quads I got from freezing a subdivision model.
    So tripled it would be around 2 million.

    And the system accepted them just fine in STL format, which I thought didn´t support quads.

    So, will they print, or do I have to re-upload versions that are strictly below a 1 million limit in a tripled state?

    Thx in advance
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  2. mkroeker
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    Check your STL with netfabb studio basic to see how many polygons it actually has - perhaps your software uses
    different settings for on screen display and stl export, and the STL mesh is much coarser than you intended.
    (That is assuming the shapeways preview actually resembles your model - an alternative explanation would be
    that most of your object was thrown away during import - if this happened to internal geometry of a supposedly
    hollow object, it will drive the price up)