Poly count and smoothing question

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by ledopmi, Dec 16, 2014.

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    As an experiment I created a cylinder in 3Ds and uploaded it. The outside looked rough due to the low poly count so I added a smoothing modifier then increased the modifier. It looks great in 3ds but still slightly rough when I upload it.

    Will it print as rough as it looks in the preview? If so, how do I make it completely smooth for printing? Do I just keep increasing the poly count until it looks OK in the preview?
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    Well given that the limit for the model files is either 64MB or 1,000,000 polygons you might as well use the polygons.

    Also I'm no expert but sometimes depending on the 3D program some options can be "internal", meaning on the program is making it look that way without actually changing the file itself. It's like going to see a movie in 3D, you need the glasses for it to look right, without them it still looks like a mess. If you want to see the movie without using the glasses you need to use the 2D "format" that doesn't require the glasses.

    I'm not sure I'm making sense anymore! xD
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    Triangles, not any kind of polygon.

    Some programs smooth in the visual sense, and others in the geometric sense. You want the second, and making sure it's applied to the STL export.
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    Thank you :)
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