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  1. I made a transparent housing as part of a demonstrator, hoping that customers could see what is inside. However, the finish is so uneven that it is very difficult to see anything in the housing. Has anyone had luck making a printed transparent detail part more transparent? The little I tried sanding seemed to make the part less transparent rather than more transparent.
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    I actually had the same issue this weekend. Someone had ordered a Cubert Cubed from my shop, and actually came out real nice for them. Mine came in and only one way was visible because of the build layers. First I took my pocket knife to shave down the high ribs. Then I found an abrasive surface and buffed it on that for a bit. Then I got one of those sponges with the rough green side and the yellow sponge side. I polished on the green side a little, then on the yellow sponge side. Now you can see all sides. I'm going to take an emery cloth to it today possible before taking and posting pics