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    Hi all,

    Firstly I'll introduce myself. I'm a final year Product Design student in the UK, looking to use shapeways to get components for my major project printed.

    As a test piece I've been trying to upload the attached SolidWorks file as an STL or VRML. Howerever whenever I upload a VRML I get a message saying that the piece is too big (regardless of how much I fiddle with the settings), and when I try to upload an STL I get a message saying that the filetype can't be read!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :D


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  2. joris
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    There is an issue with the "dialects" of STL. When you get an "not validated" error the easiest fix is to download meshlab, open the file, save as STL.

    That nearly always does the trick.

    Meshlab is open source and really handy for checking your models.
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    Your sldprt is 239,28 mm large if I open it in sw.
    So its really big. Probably has to do with your settings inches and millimeters.
    If you make an stl in sw you have to mark mm or inches
    See the pdf with a screenprint.

    Greetings AO

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