Please stop chopping model names when there's no need to do so

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by Tommy_2Tall, Oct 7, 2009.

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    The abbreviated model names seen in the Gallery view are used a bit too much in your information flow.

    The order confirmation, invoice information and all the automated (?) e-mail correspondence uses the shortened name instead of the full name.

    I'm sure there are other situations I've missed or forgotten to include.

    My point is that in an e-mail or an order confirmation or an invoice/receipt there is no apparent need to shorten the names; there's plenty of space available and extra care should be taken to avoid confusion.

    If you order several models with similar names your order confirmation/invoice current ends up with X lines with the same "model name" since they have been shortened.
    If you intende to order one of those in a specific material it's quite easy to miss which one is which.

    Please use the FULL NAME of the models in the automated correspondence and all order/invoicing/delivery related documentation.

    In my oppinion the only place the shortened names should ever be used is in the galler thumbnails view.. if even there...

    It would be easier for you to let the webbrowsers handle the "text overflow handling" through basic DHTML/CSS code;
    Set a fixed width for a <DIV> or table cell, set the CSS "overflow" attribute to "ellipsis" or "hidden" and if needed, set the "NoWrap" attribute for the DIV or table cell to avoid word wrapping.. presto!
    No need to even store a shortened name in your system! :D

  2. robert
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    Point taken!

    Now let's get it fixed.

    - Robert