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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Ioana, Aug 27, 2013.

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    IMG_20130827_011235-1.jpg Hi! I just stumbled upon this site and I love the concept of creating my own 3D stuff but I'm running into a bit of an issue on choosing the appropriate program to help me actually create what I want. Id like to make a pendant out of silver, no base, with a scene inside. I drew a picture of it but I can't see to be able to find a program that will actually let me do it. I looked through the list on the website.
    I downloaded sculptrix and while it's tons of fun :D I can't get it to give me the geometric shape I need (I'd like the frame to be a half moon for example, but I can't get the half moon no matter how many times I try to drag at the clay ball). The rest of the more geometric programs like autodesk won't allow me get any detail done :( (I wanted waves). I know how I would go about completing this project by hand but I never tried any computer design before and I'm lost on this :(((. Its supposed to be a gift so I'd really like to get it done before Christmas or the end of September if possible.

    I attached an image for what I was hoping for...please advise if I can pull it off and HOW!

    Thank you so much in advance!!!!! ^_^
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    I can't really advise you as to which program to use, as it's really down to personal preferences, how much time you have etc. I use Blender, which is free and might work for an artistic person such as yourself. There is quite a learning curve, but there are many tutorials available on the web.

    I played around a bit with your image and:

    1. Imported it to Inkscape, and then did a Path-->Trace Bitmap. This produces a .svg file;
    2. I imported this .svg file to Blender. It imports it as a set of Bezier curves. With my version of the image I had many different scans so I had to choose the best and delete the rest. In blender you can manipulate these curves until you get the image you want and then...
    3. Convert the curves to a Mesh. This Mesh can be manipulated in the standard way.
    4. I gave the Mesh some thickness using the Solidify Modifier - other methods are available, e.g. just Extruding the Mesh.

    Now what I did was very quick and dirty and any knowledgeable user of Inkscape or Blender will laugh at my efforts, but to show you what I got I have attached the files from after steps 3 and 4. (The .svg file is available but big and not very good.)

    The 3d file can be uploaded to SW to see what the current versions look like.

    Good luck!


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    @AmLachDesigns gave you good advice on using Inkscape and Blender.
    Besides doing a 'Trace Bitmap' in Inkscape, you can also draw around your image using the tools provided. Increasing the width of the lines with 'stroke style'. This will provide you with an SVG (scaleable vector graphic) that can be imported into a number of programs.
    Some of the lines have been extended to touch another side.
    Or Export the bitmap, open this, which is a PNG file in paint. Save as a JPG file. Then use the 2D to 3D creator

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  4. Ioana
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    Thank you so much to both replies :) I will try all these options and see which one comes closest to my vision
    I'm feeling much more hopeful now that I have some idea where to start.

    Thanks! :D