Please Help! How Can I Make A Cap With A Thread Screw On Extra Tight?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by nicoleshelton21, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. i have a small flask and a cap that will go on a keychain. The cap does not screw onto the flask tight enough and when I bring my keys out, the flask often unscrews and falls to the ground.

    is there a way to do something with the design where the cap can click securely onto the flask so that it won't unscrew and fall off? or any solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated

    thank you!
  2. Shea_Design
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    Very slight taper? Look at pipe fittings for example. Or .006 " elongation of cap threads? Maybe a twist lock type of connection instead of threads... I'm afraid you are going to just have to try a few ideas and be your own engineer and beta tester like most of us up here. Show us a section and explain your tolerances if you want to prime this thread. -S
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  3. kaadesign
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    Too little friction, maybe put a thin disc of rubber into the cap?
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  4. thats a good idea I will look into that thank you!
  5. w
    will look into a twist lock, thank you!