Please drop Paypal now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by photosfromrob, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. photosfromrob
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  2. denali3ddesign
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    Ok, that's a very odd case, but I like PayPal so please don't drop them!

    While suggesting Shapeways drop PayPal, better suggest a service who will take their place, easily collecting money worldwide...

  3. photosfromrob
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  4. stop4stuff
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    I've never had any issues with PayPal (or the ebay/PayPal relationship) in the years I've been using their services.

    Do you have any particular personal experience that's swayed your descion?

  5. woody64
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    Sorry, that's a serious legal issue and difficult to handle with.

    I'm living in the EU and the same can happen here without paypal.

    If you receive a package with a plagiat from outside you will get a notice from the tax office that the item has to be destroyed.

    For sure you can claim the originality of the item but that can be followed by a lot of troubles if it's a plagiat.

    So for example if the item is a Rolex and it's a counterfeit one you have to destroy it.
    As I know you can get legal troublesas sender and receiver.

    Which can also be true when sending the package (with the plagiate) inside back.

    So it can be the case that the legal advicer of paypal give the advice to destroy this item ...

    So difficult story and not only caused by paypal.


  6. photosfromrob
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    I do. I've been denied a Paypal account for several years now. They decided that I'd violated their terms of service and dropped me. The problem is that there's no way to appeal. They decide and they act, they don't care about mistakes.
  7. rolandberberich1979
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    I would like to point out I had twice the occasion to dispute with paypal.

    A seller had sent me junk instead of the item in question and another one had not informed that his carriage handler will be charging me 40 € in addition to the postal charges etc.

    In both cases I had to go through two months of hassle with paypal who are only interested in collecting their fees (like ebay). Paypal and ebay do whatever they want to and do not even justify themselves.

    But I believe they are not above the law and informed them in both cases they had 48 hours to do what I said or face prosecution by my lawyer. In both cases I got my money. Strange is it not?

    Alternatives are there (googlecheckout, skrill, payoneer, ..) and last but not least with shapeways being represented in USA and Europe most of the payment areas (Sepa, Bacs etc) should be covered.

    So, yes pro alternative, contra paypal.
  8. erckgillis
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    I too had very bad Paypal experience both as a long time user and then a Ebay vendor. Paypal can and will seize all of your funds for little or no reasons other than the constantly changing terms of agreement that runs to over 24,000 words.

    Did you read it all? html

    I gave up arguing with a fax machine at ebay/paypal so I moved on. Took 2 years to get $900 back of my OWN money. yes mine, not payments or profits just my own deposited funds in the Paypal "Business" Account.

  9. naomibatac
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    How about using credit card instead.
  10. Twopounder
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    I'd actually like to see google checkout included. That's about all the input I have on the matter :)