Please control the orientation(direction) the piece as it is printed?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by buho29, May 1, 2010.

  1. buho29
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    I'm frustrated with my last order, I tested my gear is a disaster :(, I wasted $ 28 :(

    it's a shame, printed in the good direction the piece are very well

    I assume , but it would be possible to control the direction the piece as it is printed?

    [​IMG] (full)

    in Z circle is an oval 0.3-0.5mm

    this is of interest to many disciplines, robotics, RC, ect ... in general all mechanical parts

    I tried to occupy a cubic space, occupy the maximum space XY, there is nothing to do :(, the pieces are randomly rotated

    my only option is to try another service print 3D :(

    one solution is possible? I do not mind paying an extra ...

    currently I have deactivated the posibility to buy my piece ...
  2. Plato
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    I think it is possible to restrict the directions that an object can be printed.
    You can use the maximum size of the material. For white strong flexible it is (WxDxH, cm) 31x23x18.
    If you make a frame with these dimentions, it can only be printed in a few ways because it would not fit in te printer otherwise.

  3. buho29
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  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I believe 18 could be printed in any direction. In order to restrict it to horizontal, you'd have to make it so it was 24 cm wide. That way it could only be printed oriented one way (well it could be done diagonally)
  5. rawkstar320
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    Probably not the best idea...cus, they couldnt really ship that very well.


    Shapeways really really really does need to add that option.
  6. buho29
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    printed diagonally?

    could have knowledge of the operation the algorithm that positioning and ordered the pieces ? to find a great tip for all

    the solution Reyck Nico I find it exaggerated (package and shipping, ect ...)

    currently I can not fly without these gears.

    I hesitate between tried to print with 24cm or look for another 3D printing service (although I am very happy with the service Shapeways)
  7. pete
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    Hey guys,

    thanks for all the feedback.

    First please do not make max bounding box solutions, they block a lot of printing space and make shipping expensive.

    Second, buho your frame as shown in the picture made it *impossible* to print in the right direction. Our printer operators know that a gear needs to be alligned in a certain way and they try (your first order worked right?) so please make your frames smaller than 18x18x18 cm to allow us to orient in the best way.

    For your information:
    (WxDxH, cm) 31x23x18. is not correct
    it is
    (WxDxH, cm) 23x18x31 !
    So in theory you can do 23x18 or a little less 22x17, but if you make connected parts please go for 18x18 to allow us some room to play with.

  8. buho29
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  9. virtox
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    I see one point that can lead to confusion.

    This model page :,
    Shows :
    Size and price of this model:
    Height 2.3 cm
    Width 19.9 cm
    Depth 19.9 cm

    But as Peter says : (WxD x H, cm) 23x18 x 31 (for WSF)

    So it will not fit horizontally into the machine.

    If you keep all horizontal dimensions below 18cm, the chances are, it will be printed horizontally (a low z is good, usually more efficient and faster printing).
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  10. TomZ
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    This only holds true for Gray Robust and the Detail materials, if I'm not mistaken.
    When Shapeways does powder-printing, they always try to fill the entire build volume with parts. As the machine always goes to the maximum build height, Z-height of individual parts is irrelevant.
    For FDM&Polyjet, it's usually not efficient to stack parts on top of one another. My guess is they don't always go to the full Z-height, they'll just try to fill the entire build surface with parts of about equal height. So unless there's a very large part in the build, it's unlikely that something wide and long but not thick will be printed standing up.