Please allow different shipping and billing adresses! (international orders)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by David_Bizer, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. David_Bizer
    David_Bizer New Member
    I already contacted the support a couple of times about this issue, didn't know this suggestions forum existed so I will post it here again.
    Please remove the restriction that shipping and billing adress need to be in the same country!
    This makes it basically impossible for any merchant to sell from their own websites if they want to get their tax acounting right.
    I'm told it's for fraud protection, but then remove it at least for customers that have been ordering for thousands of dollars in the past.
    I'd love to be able offering on demand products from my own website without having to send customers to my shapeways shop,
    and I can't do it for no comprehansible reason. I really love shapeways as a customer, but this restriction makes it very annoying as a merchant.
    Please consider to change it, the sooner the better. Thanks
  2. Mechanical
    Mechanical New Member
    I completely agree with David on this issue.
    The only way around this at the moment is for me to order on behalf of the customer and enter their address as the shipping and billing address.
    Yet this brings up another problem - the buyer receives the bill and sees the price at which i, the designer, can buy the item, minus the markup, therefore they would probably feel they have been scammed in some way and possibly file a dispute with Paypal against us, anyone that has had this issue before knows how cumbersome and infuriating this process can be.
    I'm well aware it is for tax reasons but in my opinion that is none of Shapeways business, if i or someone else wants to break tax laws (not that i do but hypothetically speaking), let us be held accountable for our actions by the relevant authorities, we do not need to be babysat.
    I also feel that it is in Shapeways best interest to allow this - i can tell from my analytics that people are leaving my site and coming to my shapeways shop, they have already been made aware of the price yet still proceed to the shapeways shop, why are they not purchasing?
    Its quite simple, the people that would buy my products are tech savvy, as soon as they realise its a 3d printed product they WILL NOT buy it - a lot of people feel they should get 3d printed objects/files for free such as thingiverse etc.
    Whereas, i also have some complicated machinery whereby i have to get the items printed, sent to me and i assemble them here in my home, therefore i can ship directly to them while they simply pay through paypal, i sell quite a lot of those at almost 100$ a pop.
  3. replicaprops
    replicaprops Member
    I 3rd this request. Blind drop shipping is a staple of online business. I have a successful online store, and it does 100 times more business than my shapeways shop. If I could offer my shapeways items in my own shopping cart website, I could sell so much more. The customers who I refer to my shapeways store are hesitant to order because they just don't understand what 3d printing is.
    Dropship please!!!
  4. Mechanical
    Mechanical New Member
    Any update on this Shapeways Team?
  5. David_Bizer
    David_Bizer New Member
    Any news on this?
    Will I get around this problem with hiring a programmer integrating the Shapeways API on my own site?
    It's such a pain and wouldn't be any effort at all to remove this restriction.
    Please do it. It's senseless and probably will force me to switch services
    although I'm happy with shapeways...