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  1. PatrickLA
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    I have virtual drawings and renderings of the item. I will need it in several dimensions but please advise me on how much you will charge to make a readable file for the printing process.

    Width 2.40 in
    Depth 0.47 in
    Height .5



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  2. stop4stuff
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    Hi Patrick,

    If you have a 3D model file of the clip, send it on over in a PM or to paul[at]stop4stuff[dot]com. Chances are, from your image, it will just need converting to a format accepted by Shapeways - if not, I'll give you a price for the job.

  3. CADNinja
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  4. past3dt
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    Hello Patrick,

    If you could send the files to I will be able to convert the file so that it is acceptable for shapeways to print as well as review the file for printing tolerances. This will allow for your first attempt to be printed correctly. If the file can not be converted or some tolerances are not met then I will model the plastic clip for $100.00.

    Thank you and have a nice day