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    Someone should try to make a unique set of plastic army men. Instead, though, they should look like modern-day US soldiers. There should be a standing rifleman, a crouching machine-gunner, a standing grenade tossing soldier, a commander with pistol, a crouching bazookaman, a soldier with a submachine gun, and a standing female sniper. (All of the ones where I did not specify the pose could be anything.) I couldn't dream of 3d modeling because I can't download any programs. Could someone try to make these? If so, I'd ask my parents to buy them for me! Attached is a female soldier rigged model for the female sniper. This link is where you can get the file in zip:
    Someone, please make these for me by October 1, my birthday is coming up and I really want these because I can't find anything like this online!

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    Oh yeah, and the female model is free, It was easy to download.