Physical properties of WSF material

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  1. aleksandar
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    I couldn't so far physical parameters of white strong and flexible material. I'm running finite element analysis on my model I wish I can input the exact values for my calculation.

    Following fields are required:
    Failure Criterion
    Elastic Modulus
    Poisson Ration
    Yield Strenght
    Tensile Strenght
    Compressive Strenght

    Any help on that is appreciated!
    Cheers :)
  2. aleksandar
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    I meant: I could not find
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  4. stonysmith
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    The difficulty is that the MSDS gives you data for "solid" Nylon PA22, and the Shapeways WSF is not "solid".

    The individual granules of PA22 will follow the MSDS, but the resulting print is a semi-sparse matrix of granules, and will not have the strength/shear properties identical to a "solid" block of the material.

    Someone is going to have to sit down and conduct some official tests, and there may be some variation between various printers.
  5. stannum
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    Argh... stonysmith, that data is the synthered PA2200, not solid, in general terms and outdated: "The mechanical properties depend on the x-, y-, z-position and on the exposure parameters used." / "The data are based on our latest knowledge and are subject to changes without notice. They do not guarantee properties for a particular part and in a particular application." / "2008 EOS GmbH" / etc, all in the PDF.

    If you go to EOS site, you can get the full set of stats, and newer than the PDF, based in the settings of the machines as defined by EOS, with per axis values (useless with SW anyway, orientation is "random", pick the minimum always). Yeah, Shapeways could be using tweaked settings... but in any case, they used some values for a video weeks ago; you could read they had a preset used for computation, so the numbers are already crunched, somewhere.
  6. aleksandar
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    That's enough for me!
    thanks a lot!

    Anyway I'll use the data in the pdf where I will compare the calculated deformation of several versions of my product.. a relative visual reference only