Photorealistic 3D Animals & statues

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  1. PolygonalMiniatures
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    I've scanned a few statues and animals (even a skull) to see if they could be printed. see them in the shop:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Printing costs +/- 35€ each, I charge 125€ for the scanning and sculpting time.

    Thanks for watching!

    Mark Florquin

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  2. Dotsan
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    Brilliant work, thanks for sharing, what scanning method do you use?
  3. PolygonalMiniatures
    PolygonalMiniatures New Member
    Hi Dotsan,

    I'm using photogrammetry using a rig with 3 Nikon SLR's and a turntable.

    A lot of fun! The 3D printing and 3D modeling scene is very inspiring!