Photo printing in 3D

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by pp, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. pp
    pp New Member
    Now a days you can print your photos in great quality on your own desktop printer at home, order them as a fully printed and bounded photo album or have them printed in any size on canvas to hang on your wall.

    So how cool would it actually be if you could get your photo printed in 3d to put on your desk, hang on your wall or in front of your window…?

    Like this:

    Or with color info in it?

    What do you think... ?
    Let me know, Peter Paul

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  2. Bmud
    Bmud New Member
    Not very, because no algorithm would do a very good job.
  3. madox
    madox New Member
    That looks like ZSurf4 :p

    Is it?...

    (Yes its quite cool and I was about to upload a model last night like that).

    Edit : But as the previous poster said, its mainly going to be contours and depending on the photo the outcome may not be 'optimal'. If the conversion is done at Shapeways side, the current preview doesn't really show the details and customers may be disappointed at the result.... [Just my thoughts].

    But for those of us who are willing to try, tweak and photoshop the photo before hand to get a better result... its cool :)
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  4. pp
    pp New Member
    Thanks for the tip on Zsurf4. No it's not. It works very nice but I believe the UI requires quite some know how.

    Would indeed help to have some more visual feedback.

    Do you (anyone else) have some more experience with Zsurf4 or other applications that do the same?

    Cheers Peter Paul

  5. madox
    madox New Member
    I have used Zsurf4 and other similar programs, while the resultant 3d landscapes can look impressive, I didn't quite like the effect on people/portraits.

    There are a few other programs that reconstruct '3D' from photos taken at slightly different angles, I can't remember the name but those could do better with human faces...

    Is this a Shapeways project? :)
  6. pp
    pp New Member
    Would you think it being worth to turn into a project ;)

    I have looked around also and found different kinds of software. Although many of them have their pro's and con's in general I think the outcome is surprisingly nice.
  7. madox
    madox New Member
    If released as a 'creator' it'll increase your appeal to users who simply want a quick 3D print of their loved ones without learning the ropes of 3D software.

    Yes Shapeways allows people to order other people's models, but alot of the fun is getting something 'personal'.

    If you can improve on the interface, and in the area of 'customization' of the contour parameters...yes it'll be neat :)

    PS : Thanks for the photos :)
  8. randomblink
    randomblink New Member
    Now what would be NICE would be the ability to pump a photo through this process and then download the resulting STL file for manipulation in our 3D Programs...

    any chance?
  9. pp
    pp New Member

    Now that's an idea worth looking into.
    I'll see what needs to be done and how this would fit our service

    Thanks for the idea
    Cheers Peter Paul

  10. photosfromrob
    photosfromrob New Member
    don't you already do that? How would it be different than youir photoshaper?
  11. pp
    pp New Member
    Well we do only part of the process.
    The STL's coming from the Photoshaper aren't downloadable

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