Phi-lix (felix)

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    hi guys, do you know how minifigs or legos work? I think we can make a toy production of felix (phi-lix) made for 8+.

    (parts for lego minifigs are with pants, torso with arms, had, hair, accessories.)
    (my idea for parts is like bionicle; elbow and knees are movable in ball joints.)
    and the armor for the torso

    you see I need the figs to ether make something from my list

    (Halloween specials)
    Headless horseman, Dracula, Frankenstein monster, Werewolf man,

    (Christmas specials)
    Santa clause, Elf on shelf, Frosty, Rudolph,

    (Dreamkeepers (by david and liz lillie))
    Mace & Whip, Lilith, Namah, Bast, Venth,

    (Tron legacy (Disney))
    Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Quorra, CLU, (tron) Rinzler,

    (Undertale (by toby fox))
    Underground Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfalls, Hotlands, The Core,

    (Minecraft story mode)
    Jessie & Rubin, Axel, Lukas, Petra, Olivia, Ivor, order of the stone.

    (Steven universe)
    Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Jasper, Lapis & Peridot.

    (randy Cunningham (ill explain later))


    what do you think?