Pheonix girl ball jointed doll

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  1. Silverbeam
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    Ball jointed doll: Pheonix Lady.

    Ball jointed dolls are becoming quite the collectors items all over the world. Highly customizable, with head caps, not only wigs, but eyes can be changed to help create your own look. With a touch of fantasy I started creating little dolls of my own. Here is my latest creation, Pheoling. She has 15 points of articulation and is fully pose-able. Sit, stand, wave, she does it all, and on her own! No sticks to hold her up. Beautiful wings are in place of her arms with three point of articulation that mimic a regular arm. Her tail can come on and off or be replaced. Clear beading wire is strung through the hollow model to hold her all together. She has one figure 8 hook in her head to hold the leg strings.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Found in my shop here: li=my-models&key=5f53939c34d1467c084d1bf9a9f4bb53
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  2. Silverbeam
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    Thought I would show a few of my other dolls as well

    This unicorn human hybrid, She has 4 different interchangeable horns and two interchangeable tails, horse and lion puff tail. 12 points of articulation. She has been colored using chalk pastels.

    Dragon boy here is one of my favs. He has interchangeable horns, wings and tail that can come on and off via magnets, and interchangeable tail tips. 17 points of articulation. Again colored using chalk pastels.

    A my little pony designed ball jointed doll. 15 points of articulation.

    Octopus merboy, full of tentacle fun! 16 points of articulation. the tentacles can be magnetic or ball jointed.

    Gargoyle themed boy with 17 points of articulation
  3. jrey
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    Wow these are great. I've been wondering about doing jointed figurines. Any tips for the joints?
  4. Silverbeam
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    Make sure they have a cup for the ball joint to sit in, and of course a nice 90 degree or more grove in the ball joint. Just study joints on regular dolls.
  5. bartv
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    Wow, that's great work. Can you show us how the wiring works? I didn't really understand that part.