Personalized Default settings when uploading objects

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Who would like to be able to personalize their default upload settings?

  1. Being able to customize my import options sounds great!

  2. Who cares. It's fine as it is.

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  1. OBjuan
    OBjuan New Member
    I would very much like it if I could set a variety of parameters for uploading an object just once, and then every object I import after that would default to those settings.
    It's not that big a deal, but having to go and click 11 various radio buttons every time I bring in a new objects gets old and annoying, and stifles creativity.
    - I want to upload all my objects in the Meters scale.
    - So far I dont really ever want the ceramic materials, nor the sandstones, turn them off by default and I'll activate them in the rare cases.
    - I would love it to auto price for me!
    just adding X that I set to the price would be cool.
    better for me, as I am a fan of whole numbers, would be if I could set up a list like
    $1 - $5 = $7
    $5 - $10 = $15
    $10 - $20 = $25
    $20 - $30 = $35
    $30 - $40 = $50
    $40 - $66 = $70
    - Default Categories would be nice
    - Being able to save various groups of tags which I could click 1 button and instantly add a bunch of metatags that are always gonna be grouped would be great!

    Hook us up, please!
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