Per material markup, checkbox material selection, no markup fee charged to seller

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  1. nervoussystem
    nervoussystem New Member
    So I finally added a number of the designs we sell on our website to our Shapeways store.

    Here are some qualms I have
    1) we need to be able to set the markup fee / or preferably total price per material. My experience in retail tells me to price things with simple prices like $40 flat, selling things for $43.36 looks bizarre. But you can't adjust for that because different materials cost different amounts, blah blah blah. Another example is that I would like all WSF colors of our bracelet to cost the same. I would rather earn different amounts of money on them then have it show up as weird pricing on the shop.

    2) the interface for adding materials should be check boxes with nothing selected by default, and a pair of select all, select none buttons

    3) ( APPARENTLY THIS WAS FIXED ALREADY and I'm living in the past)
    there should be a work around so a seller cannot order models from their own shop and pay the markup fee, right now I have to maintain double copies of the products listed for sale in our shop. After adding our 1layer twist ring a while go I accidentally ordered 30 stainless steel ones with markup instead of 30 without. Problematic

    4) I'm using the co-creator dropdown menu to allow people to select bracelet/ring sizes, I would like it if I could associate files with those options so I don't have to upload them over and over again, I guess sizing isn't exactly the point of co-creator though.... Maybe there should be a different way to implement that?

    I'm sure others have said many of these things but I figured I would set them down while it was on my mind
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  2. MichielCornelissen
    MichielCornelissen New Member
    Glad you're selling on Shapeways now! I second all of those, and it's good you mention them because sometimes we get used to how things are and forget that they could be different...

    Only thing is that I thought point 3 had been resolved.

    Cheers, and good luck with the sales - Michiel
  3. nervoussystem
    nervoussystem New Member
    Hi Michiel,

    Oops. That would have saved me a bunch of uploading last night, thanks for the heads up! I never tried to do that after I ordered a bunch of marked up parts the first time.


  4. photosfromrob
    photosfromrob New Member
    I agree, totally....well #3 is fixed. Shapeways is very good at what they do( print things) but don't seem to understand marketing. I'd hoped that getting a marketing person would result in some improvements. Not much,so far. They need to understand that marketing is the key to their ultimate success.
  5. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi Rob,

    do you refer to our marketing in general, or to the features that we're offering for your shops? How about I borrow our marketing manager for a day and ask her to have a professional look at the shops, prices, descriptions etc?

  6. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    I've been asking for 1 and 2 since day one :p. And I've been asking for 4 since we got revisions. Where it would be like the revisions, except, you would order older revisions, or in this case different sizes.
  7. photosfromrob
    photosfromrob New Member
    That would be wonderful. Marketing is a difficult task. Every extra click, every question unanswered, every strange price, there are so many little things and each one causes a percentage of people to stop the ordering process. Each one hurts business, and they add up rapidly. Little things most of us wouldn't notice will put people off. Someone patented one click buying because it helped streamline the shopping experience and thus let to better sales.

    If you get a professional in to look at and change the way things are done, some great improvements could result.
  8. photosfromrob
    photosfromrob New Member
    here's an shipping. Shapeways thinks it's great, it actually loses sales. Here's how. Someone sees a great model for $10, they want it. They come to Shapeways to buy it, but they can't. There's a $25 their mind you're charging them $25 for a $10 item. It's not fair and they're probably not going to do it; and, they're angry, they may never come back.

    If your policy was free shipping on orders over $50, then that customer would likely buy the $10 model, pay $4 shipping and be happy. If they're happy, they tell their friends, if they're angry, they tell their friends....Which one do you want out there talking about you?
  9. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    1 extra click:
    order an item always forwards to "order details". To go on ordering you have to click back, back ....

    the material selection box is now mentioned very often. Adding 1(!) item which add's all materials to the list is a 5 minutes task. And for sure most of us would be happy since this little change solves a lot. And deleting is much easier ...

    In general: user interface needs some corrections after 2 years adding features.
    For example (as already mentioned in another thread): Server response is sometimes really slow.

    Forward/Back buttons on top of the item's edit page.
    The process is: opening an item - changings something (i.e: material :((( - save - forward to the next item. Try that 10 times. Maybe you will mention what I mean.

    not understandable price:
    coloring has $4 as preparation costs for every item. Preparation costs for coloring are understandable. But if I order 1 item in red it's $4 and if I order 10 items in red it's $4x10?

    not answered questions:
    - buggy links: order - continue shopping - back to gallery -> results in "order detail" and a 2nd item
    - error list: I think there are lot of reported bugs mentioned in the threads which are unclear if (solved or planed to solve). To manage that would be great (sorry to mention that so often. But that's a major thing when dealing with SW errors on the customer side)
    - how to deal with changes that apply to a lot of items like adding/removing materials. I have more then 100 items in my shop. Adding a new material to all of them results in: open item - material selection box :( - save - going to the next item .... (I think I have mentioned that process already ....

    walls to thin problem. models which were printed correctly before but suddenly were denied.

    I think it would help a lot to open a moderated(!) discussion thread to get rid of the most annoying things.
    And I think there are some pains for us shop owners.
    (I started with 3 points and 5 minutes later there are a lot more)

    To be clear. Shapeways makes a very good task but
    - to my point of view sometimes ignores these little things which can make their/our life much easier ...
    - currently it discusses to add some fancy new things but to invest one ore two iteration cycles for shop updates on these things would increase satisfaction a lot


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  10. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    Hi guys,

    thanks for all the feedback, we like it a lot as it helps us to improve the service for you. It is not always easy of course to strike a balance between adding cool new features, which we are very excited about and fixing usability issues for you.

    So let's have a look at the issues at hand:
    - Markup fee per material; Very understandable, it does mean that where now adding markup is a single action it becomes more involved when this feature appears. Of course you can also make both available, but again more choice leads to a more difficult system for shop owner rookies. We will investigate and come up with some ideas.

    - Interface for adding/removing materials; yes, we are a bit suffering from the success of adding new materials. This can be done, we already have some ideas how to do it.

    - Ordering your own models without markup; should be fixed.

    - Using co-creator for ring-sizes; indeed this is not what the co-creator platform was intended for. We should have a system, which supports sizing. This is a big feature to build, but we will have a look into it.

    - Shipping cost; you could argue (and most surveys agree) that slapping on shipping costs at the end of ordering also loses sales. Also international express shipping with UPS is much more costly than $4, list prices are in excess of $50 for lots of countries. We tried the postal service, but even shipping to Spain from the Netherlands sometimes took OVER 2 weeks so that is also not really nice and postal is also more than $4. Next to that the minimum order also covers some admin overhead and packaging. We are taking reducing cost seriously and when we will find a way to reduce the minimum order size we will!

    - Additional cost for coloring. Please realize there is more to it than setup cost of a color bath. Each model needs to be dipped for the right amount of time (and uses a little dye) and needs to be dried. This is now mostly a manual process. Investing in automation also costs money. We will of course start filling complete machines with set colors, but currently we do not get enough colored model orders to make that economically feasible.

    We are taking the user facing part of our website very serious and actually just recently we decided that Robert (our CTO) will personally lead the definition and development lead. You can expect him to come with some ideas in this part of the forum soon.

    In all, thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it and need it, to continuously improve. Please be aware we do have limited resources and will also make mistakes (not too many we hope) but try and do our best in keeping a balance between improving the shop owner UI and getting new exciting features released.

    Hope this clarifies things a bit!

    best regards,
  11. photosfromrob
    photosfromrob New Member

    I'm not asking you to change your shipping procedure, just the way it's presented to the customer. You include shipping,admin overhead and packaging in the price (regardless of the cost), that's a percentage of the price....lets say 10%. If a customer buys the minimum, $25, that shipping,admin overhead and packaging cost is 10% of $25 ---$2.50 OK, if a customer only wants to buy something for $10, charge him 10% of the minimum order (in this example--$2.50) and call it shipping and handling. Or increase it slightly..$3. Then you make slightly more money, the customer doesn't feel pressured into buying something he doesn't want...everyone wins. And, there's still the option to buy more for free shipping.
  12. woody64
    woody64 Well-Known Member
    Please make a quick intermediate solution for that. A simple one liner (one line of code will solve that) which adds all the materials and the user can delete it. And afterwards you will have enough time to provide a more sophisticated solution.
    If you don't know why then please try to add 5 items this evening and restrict the material list to materials suitable for wall size < 1,5mm. Afterwards you will know why this is so painful ...

  13. robert
    robert New Member
    Yes, that is easy enough. I am on it.

    - Robert
  14. unellenu
    unellenu New Member

    I'm a new user and I believe that per material markup should be available, because a more expensive material , (i believe ) should have a higher markup.

    I'd love the following options 1. to globally set up a percenttage markup for each product.

    2. To be able manually set a different markup for each material.
  15. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    For a quick fix can you make it so I can enter


    in the box and it will treat the markup as a percentage instead of dollar amount? Better yet if you have time


    but then you are getting into more complicated parsing though it can be done (at least in PHP) pretty easily.
  16. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    We are working on a great solution - stay posted it will be released in December (Jan latest).
  17. unellenu
    unellenu New Member

    Regarding ring sizes I'd like to be able to duplicate a product :to save re-entering the same info multiple times, and then to just upload the new (different sized )model.

    I'm happy to list different sizes of the same product as different products, because for example a size X ring is going to be heavier than a size J ring and thus material prices will be different.

    Alternatively a devoted sizing feature would be nice.

  18. mctrivia
    mctrivia Member
    For rings it would be nice if I could just upload the 65 standard ring sizes and the user can pick there ring size from a list. The price could then be determined based on the design file that matches there ring size. Shows them a preview and lets them order right away.
  19. robert
    robert New Member

    Offering multiple sizes as a single product is indeed very interesting option. I have put it on the list.