Pendants based on Korean Designs

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    There are so many pendants in Shapeways and I'd like to just add to the vast collection!

    Many years ago, my cousin gave me a gift from Korea. I was one of those traditional folding fans ... but just as interesting was the box that came with it. The box had all these traditional patterns and designs. So I kept the box, thinking that someday these designs can be used for something.

    Seeing so many pendants on Shapeways, I thought how perfect it would be to share these designs with the community. Korean art is still very underrepresented in the West, so some of my motivation comes from the drive to spread these beautiful designs to everyone.

    Trinity Pendant i=productBox-search

    Longevity Pendant ?li=productBox-search

    Immortal Flower Pendant t.html?li=productBox-search

    Labyrinth Pendant ?li=productBox-search
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