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    What im doing:
    So I am designing a pendant to give to my girl friend. It will be the first thing I print on shapeways. The idea is the pendant will hold a message on a piece of paper wrapped around a pin inside. The pendant will be two parts and made of sterling silver. My CAD skills are more then adequate to produce the pendant, Im using solidworks.

    The problem:
    Im not sure what specs I should give the screw thread. So i wanted anyone's advice on the pitch, clearance and size of the thread. The nominal diameter is 4mm. The pendant is pictured both with a cross section and with out. I have read the material data sheet, but the minimum detail of 0.6mm isn't as much clarification as i would like.

    Any help or feedback would be appreciated as im looking forward to doing more projects through shapeways.


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    You could model the thread easily, but your tolerancing will vary depending on how it is oriented in the build.

    This is just an idea, but what about having a pin lock? I couldn't find a picture of an example, so I uploaded a quick concept.
    Pin lock.jpg

    The transverse pin is inserted and turned clockwise to lock - it would be ideal to have some sort of detent so it would stay locked.
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    Thanks for the response, Unfortunatly i submitted my order a day ago. I will post some pics of what I did.

    As for your idea, i do like edison sockets, i should have thought of that.

    i left a gap of 0.1mm between the threads, i hope thats enough for the tolerances.
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    If it doesn't work out you can get a tap and die and clean up the threads - assuming you modeled a standard thread that is.

    Let us know how it goes!
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    Hi, in case you get this message, how did the threading work out? I am doing the same thing for a 2-part metal cup with Acme style thread leaving 0.1 mm clearance and a low thread angle. It is an expensive project so I would like to get some feedback.