Pendant (Slightly Deformed)

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  1. This is a prototype for my Christmas presents this year. I have a design for each family member, with a different animal engraving on the front. The pendant itself is hollow, to save money. :D

    I think I will make the engraving on the front about 1.5x-2x deeper. The back engraving is fine. However, the back curved in for some reason. I am not sure why - if it was during handling, I would expect the back to have broken entirely, not deformed.

    Any ideas what went wrong?

    Possible solutions:
    1. Increase the thickness of the backplate.
    2. Add a support lattice within the hollow space.
    3. ???



  2. stonysmith
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    Option 2 may be the answer. This is steel, right?
    Remember that steel is processed in a kiln where it's heated enough to fuse the granules together.
    The design rules talk about "slump".. where the model can alter shape slightly as it's being heated.

    The model was most likely placed in the kiln on it's face. You could try making the back slightly thicker, or add a few internal cross braces.. shouldn't require a whole lot.
  3. Ah - that makes sense. Not sure why it was placed on its face, though. I assumed the flat back would be a pretty obvious way to lay the piece.

    Anyway, I'll make a lattice inside and hope that works. I need to order this one again (and 5 more) before Christmas, so my experimentation time is over.
  4. I imagine that something like this would do the trick.

    Hmm - somehow, looking at the render made me think of adding fillets. Anyway, after I do that, I think I'll be in good shape.