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    I'm looking to create a pendant, a 3D ambigram actually. See attached image.
    Mine in particular:
    Imagine a series of children's blocks stacked vertically. One face spells out ABCDE, as extruded letters, top to bottom.
    A perpendicular face (to the right) spells VWXYZ, as extruded letters, top to bottom.
    The letters should be all CAPS, derived from a simple san serif font, like Arial.
    The effect is such that when viewed straight on, one face appears to show VWXYZ all the way through, similarly, rotated 90 degrees, shows ABCDE all the way through.
    There should be an eyelet at the top so that a thin chain could pass through it.

    I'd like the design submitted for production to shapeways ASAP, I'm aiming for a delivery as gift as close to 3/19 as possible.
    I haven't looked at all the technical specifications for submission, but I'm going for a metallic finish, perhaps even the new silver one.
    Finished height: ~40mm

    Have some artistic flair or a little experience designing jewelry? I want to hear from you! The actual letters, names really, will be provided before works commences.

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  2. UniverseBecoming
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    Your design is very easy to make. It'd take something like 3 minutes per letter depending on the letters. The hard part is connecting the letters together in such a way that it doesn't detract from the overall design effect desired.

    So, if you email me the letters you want I can design it for Shapeways' sterling or stainless. I'd charge a one time flat rate of $25. I can have that back to you completely modeled in less than a day.

    My email is