Pendant: 3D fractal 'Spiralling Spirals'

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by unellenu, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. unellenu
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    Pendant: 3D fractal 'Spiralling Spirals' in silver arrived.
    It great but the loop is a little bit thin - so I've remodelled & uploaded a better one today.

    Here's the 3D silver fractal :) piralling_spirals_.html?gid=ug56271

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  2. ana_xyz
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    Hey unellenu, this is beautiful as always, but I was wondering why you choose to take pics that were so close up. I actually thought it made it a bit hard to make out the overall shape of the piece. It's too pretty not to see it clearly. :)

  3. unellenu
    unellenu New Member

    It's true I struggled a bit with my photos here. Spirally fractal pendant might get another little photo session.

    I've got to find how to adjust depth of field on my camera too.

    :) Janelle
  4. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Thanks for your feedback about my close-up photos, I've had a second try at photographing the 3D spiralling fractal pendant.

    :) Janelle

  5. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Those new pics are very well composed. :)

  6. If I may make a comment, perhaps you could edit your first post to replace the first-attempt pictures? The second ones are a lot better, and that would assist you with any first impressions.

    I have one other thing that I inadvertently noticed with your pictures. Your second picture seems to be taken from the opposite direction of the first one. My suggestion is to rotate the model, not move the camera. With multiple pictures, particularly when they are right next to each other, I find it to be disorienting to have the light and the angle of the table surface flipping between pictures. Just a suggestion. :D
  7. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Hi Turtles,

    I like your screen name! Just checked out your shop too, & rated your figurine models - I think they're great, gave them each a 5 out of 5. Definitely curious the current absence of actual Turtles.

    I don't know how to edit my first post - I think once it's up there that's it. I'm hoping people might scroll down past the 'too-close-up', slightly fuzzy and mysterious pics to see the clearer ones...I know I'm probably expecting a bit much of peoples web-patience here.

    You're right too about the 'this way then that way' arrangement of the pics. Might be fun if I can disorient my viewers though :)

    I appreciate your suggestion it would make for a more readable story and visual consistency. It's great to have some pointers to help improve my photography skills.

    Have a great day.

    :) Janelle

  8. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Thanks Ana,

    You gave me the motivation to give it a second try.

    :D Janelle
  9. Thank you for the comments. You're right - I do need to make a turtle thing of some sort.

    You should be able to edit your original post. At the end of your post, there should be three buttons - edit, reply, and quote.
  10. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Thanks Turtles!

    I found the buttons and deleted the old pics...yay!

    Be sure to let me know when you create something turtle-esque.

  11. Ok, this is off topic now. I admit to being a tad slow here, but I checked your shop and realized you're the one who has that sweet wing pendant. If I may ask, I am curious about what software package you use - do you generate the fractals using something and import a surface as a starter into your 3-d modeling software? I ask not because I discount your ability - tools enable good designs, but a significant amount of creativity and time is required to make quality items.

    I'm also curious because you have a lot of items in your shop, which means one of 3 things in my opinion:
    1. You do this for a living and thus have time to model a lot.
    2. You are really awesome and/or have a lot of practice with a particular workflow, enabling you to churn out new designs at an enviable pace.
    3. All of the above.
  12. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    I vote for All of the above ;)

    As always, very cool designs unellnu [​IMG]

  13. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Hi Turtles,

    I spend nearly all of my spare time doing this - including any days I have off work & nights. I would absolutely love to spend most of my time doing this. My work is part time (sales in high end jewellery) and ranges from 2 days to 6 days a week depending on when I'm needed. So when my employed work is slow I work up to 16 hours a day on my own designs.

    I use whatever tools I can a) get my hands on and b) figure out.
    I love mixing 2 or 3 programs together and getting unusual results. I'm quite good at using Adobe Illustrator and several of my designs are created in illustrator and then extruded, morphed, modified in a 3D program.

    I also obviously use various fractal generators (exact details of these I'm keeping secret 4 now), and mix them with other 3D programs.

    An example of the way I mix things can be seen in designs I did for a comp showing hand drawings by me mixed with computer drawing & design

    I'm also a qualified jeweller (not practicing currently), and did a degree in design here in Australia.
    Basically design is my passion and my life and I'm super keen to be more than a sales assistant :)

    Hope my extensive essay sheds light on your question.
  14. unellenu
    unellenu New Member

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your kind vote, but I think the real answer is 'super compulsive'.

    :D Janelle
  15. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    lol "super compulsive" can be a great creative asset.

    It's fun hearing about people's actual backgrounds, and kinda getting to understand what goes into the 3D printed works of art from everyone around here. :)

  16. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Thanks Ana!

    It would be great to hear some of the other 3D modellers' stories too.

    Have a great day.

    :) J
  17. ana_xyz
    ana_xyz New Member
    Janelle, I just wanted to let you know I featured the Spiraling Spirals pendant in this past Friday Finds. ;)

  18. unellenu
    unellenu New Member
    Thank you so much Ana!

    :D Janelle