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    Pencil vase is a 3D printed product ,that uses 3 hexagonal pencils to turn any glass, coffee cup or soup bowl into a beautiful minimalist style vase.
    All one needs for assembly is a set of 3 standard hexagonal pencils (BIC, Stabilo, etc). It is recommended to use pencils with eraser (one brand that works well is BIC) to avoid possible sliding on glossy surfaces.
    Pencilvase is made of laser sintered polyamide, flexible and yet strong enough to support 1-3 small flowers. The product is compact and easy to store.
    The inspiration for this design is to provide comfort and gentle flower care with a compact hi-tech 3D printed corner piece and everyday materials.

    Product dimensions are: 9/8/3.2 cm
    Recommended flower height is up to 35 cm
    Supported glass should have a diameter of up to 9cm and height of up to 14cm
    Design, 3d modeling & Photography: Aleksandar Dimitrov
    Link to shop: delEdit
    Link to the project, including extra images: