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  1. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    I've had a concept in my head for several years for a Mini- ITX case with support for a 10.5" GPU through a 1U Riser. This week, I've decided to see if it's possible to print using Shapeways through weight reduction and thinning of materials where necessary to keep the cost below $200. The result is the WIP screenshot below. Feel free to ask me anything or give opinions on possible strength or printing difficulties. All supporting walls are 2mm thick and at least 4mm wide.

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  2. jrey
    jrey New Member
    Interesting concept. Wouldn't dust collection be an issue with an open case like that? I guess you just have to stay on top of it.
  3. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    There will be more dust than normal because you won't have any filters, but open cases are nothing new. The dust also will only collect in the fans, so isolated dust will be easier to remove. Mostly this is a proof of concept as it's been too difficult to build this with conventional tools.
  4. MrFluffyThing
    MrFluffyThing New Member
    Finally ready to test print the motherboard tray and PCIe brackets to verify everything fits and to see how rigid my design is on this scale. I've already tested WSF for threading 6-32 case screws and it worked out wonderfully. Here's a link to the test print.