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    As a new ShapeWays customer and long-time Business Analyst, I have to voice my view to you regarding PayPal.

    PayPal is a great tool for the very small business, entrepreneur, or housewife selling items out of the house. But, once a business begins to grow, PayPal is not the best choice for credit card payment fulfillment.

    As has been documented many, many places online, PayPal can and has frozen users' accounts without having to provide a reason. Also, they do not have any appeals process in place; so, getting an account released takes weeks or even months if you are lucky. What would happen if one disgruntled customer calls PayPal and they get that one sympathetic customer service rep who decides to freeze ShapeWays' account? How long could you operate like this? What would happen to your customer base?

    On top of this, PayPal's latest Terms and Conditions take away the users' right to sue them. Users are forced to use an arbitration process of PayPal's choosing.

    PayPal's fees are outrageous. Enough said on that.

    Last, but not least, PayPal is not a bank or financial institution, so they are not bound by any country's Laws, or Banking Rules & Regulations with regard to customer protection and rights. They are free to charge what they want and do what they want, without fear of any retribution.

    Have your CEO or CFO stop by your local bank and inquire into setting up a merchant account to accept credit card payments online. Continue to accept PayPal along with your new ACH account and I think you will see the benefits right away. A huge benefit is that payments get deposited into your account within 24 hours and not after 7 to 10 days.

    This post turned-out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, but I do feel really strongly about this. I stopped using PayPal years ago simple for the fees and their not having to follow any banking rules – it was just too risky, even for my personal use.

    Please, offer your customers another option for credit card processing other than PayPal.

    Robert L.
    aka CountZero