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  1. RandySchuster
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    Need to know of different forms of payment, other then PayPal. I for one find the need to keep this away from the wife.

    Also I need to know it there is a shipping cost on each item or just the one cost, because it would allow me to order more sets.

    I'm on SSDI and have a small amount of cash saved for this future order, but I'm also a military collector.

    Looking at the M-24 by CDG, 4 tanks per set.


  2. stonysmith
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    The only other option for payment at this time is "Bank Transfer". It's not like an e-check.. Shapeways does not "pull" the money from your bank account, you have to initiate a transfer starting at your bank.

    You pay the shipping cost once for an entire order. Order as many items as you wish.. only one shipping charge.
  3. RandySchuster
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    Can someone tell me about Bank Tranfers
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    SORRY, but a question about other theme, whats the real time to delivery, 3 weews or 3 days
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