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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by Lanzerik, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Lanzerik
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    greetings, I wanted to know which bank can I use for the Bank transfer here in Colombia. or in other countries of Latin America.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Not sure about which bank to use, but you don't have to have a paypal account to order, you can pay thru paypal without an account using your debit or credit card.
  3. Lanzerik
    Lanzerik New Member
    Thanks, I guess I'll have to wait until I have a debit card ( i currently manage my money with a savings account that has no access to debit car services to avoid over spending)
  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Ok, if you want to do the bank transfer, email and they should be able to walk you through what to do.
  5. ChristelM
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    Bank transfer
    We also support payments through bank transfer. You will receive an invoice by e-mail with your order when you check the ' payment by bank transfer' box. Please transfer your payment to: Shapeways at:

    International bank account number (IBAN): NL22RABO0102384711
    Bank account holder name: Shapeways
    Bank name: Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven
    Swift number: RaboNL2U

    For payments within the Netherlands in Euro's (use the rate of the European Bank)

    Rabobank: 102384711 attn.: Shapeways State your invoice number and account number with your payment.

    Please be aware that when you pay via Bank transfer and you are not from the Netherlands. You have to pay a fee to the bank to make this international bank transfer. Within Europe everything is streamlined and costs are zero or really low (like 15 euro cents). However banks in other parts of the world might charge you with substantial transfer costs.

    From the moment we receive your payment, your product will go into production and in 10 working days you will receive your plastic products by UPS. Stainless Steel based products take 14 working days to arrive, and Glass based products take 21 working days.

    When you choose bank transfer you can also pay in Euro. The Euro amount will be on your invoice.

    I hope this will help you out a bit.