Patent on online 3D Printing 'Services'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anachreon, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. anachreon
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  2. stop4stuff
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    The opening of the actual patent is...
    I think the key to the patent is, a base object from a customer device which is then modified for printing as per the first paragrah "... receiving at least one custom modification to the base three-dimensional model from the customer device..."
  3. hagman
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    One day I'll submit a patent titled "A Method for Doing Obvious Things by Doing Them in an Obvious Manner"
  4. anachreon
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    Dang! You've now got prior art!


  5. stop4stuff
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    USPO (imo) has a long way to go before they match up to UK standards - come on, I have a method for creating the pendant I am wearing right now, can I patent the method? No because I am a UK citizen. Can I patent the pendant itself? No because it is a pendant. Can I apply for Design Rights? Yes, but I don't need to as it is already protected as an Unregistered Design.

    Whatever happened to a Patent meaning a protected Invention?

  6. stonysmith
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    How about if I file a patent on "A government office that issues certificates granting ownership of ideas/methods/objects to individuals."

    In other words.. Patent the Patent Office, and then sue the USPO for violating MY patent!