parts for micro-helicopter and second order

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by buho29, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Wow! Absolutely stunnning! I am going to ask Joris to contact you. Maybe he can make a blogpost on this :D
  3. buho29
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    more image







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  5. buho29
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    depends on the thickness have can win 5-30% in solidity

    thickness 1mm , book 230 gr
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  6. psau3
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    This is in WSF? I hadn't realised how porous the prints were until I saw the paint tutorial. Did you flood with a thin cyano or try to 'skin' with a thicker gel?

    Great idea. :D
  7. pete
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    Hi buho29,

    really love your project.
    I really like RC helicopters also and are curious what the base of your project is.

    best regards,
  8. buho29
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    yes is WSF

    I have used cyano thin

  9. buho29
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    Hey buhu ;) i'm sure i've said its cool before but i just noticed those tiny outrunners

    Could you tell me where you buy your motors? and electronics?
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  12. buho29
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  13. Jack the R
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    Amazing project! Are the rotor head parts, swash plate etc all injection molded parts, or a Shapeways detail material?
  14. buho29
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    the rotor is walkera 4-3 with arm-mix 4g3
  15. jmg123
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    Wow the pictures look great, do you have any plans to sell this/ allow others to print it in the future?
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  17. buho29
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  18. buho29
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    I just received my parts and I'm disappointed, they still change direction, there is trash

    Another piece that I ordered was very good

    if could have the opportunity to choose the direction even if they have to pay extra

    even for basic things is important, ball bearing holes ect ...

    on XY have a resolution of 0,05-0.1mm in Z is 0,2-0.5 mm

    if one day we were given the choice, I could try, for now I'll have to continue seek another solution


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  19. 4m3D
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    This is one amazing project! Love the videos! Looking forward to more updates.

    Todd Bailey
  20. buho29
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    tanks :)

    now there will be no update with Shapeways

    I tested my gear is a disaster :(, I wasted 28$ :(

    I tried another service print 3d

    without a direction control I not recommend printed mechanical parts (frame included) , in Z circle is an oval 0.3-0.5mm

    it's a shame, printed in the good direction the piece are very well