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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by hagman, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. hagman
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    My first order arrived today, but only partial: I ordered two different items (siver and WSF) and had expected them to arrive in one parcel (thus minimizing shipping costs), but only one of the items was was in the shipment. However, in my "orders" overview, it looks like completely shipped!?
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    Have a look at the label on the box, that should have the information about what the box contains - it may be that the different materials are being sent from different places to get to you. Any-which-way, if you have concerns, your best bet is to contact Shapeways Customer Services using, include the order & models numbers in your email.

  3. hagman
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    Yes, the label states that there is one item in the box (and ther is one item in the box).
    I was just worried because the delivery status looks so completed ("shipped" behind the order number, not only an orderline number) on my "orders" page.
    On the other hand, I notice that the expected ship date is still shown as future ("February 1st") and I was surprised about the early delivery anyway. If this is more or less normal if different materials are involved, I'll simply stay calm until February and assume that all goes well (as did with the peice that arrived - looking exactly as what I designed, it's amazing)
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    Email support to verify all is good. But my guess is, WSF takes 10 business days, and Silver takes 15 business days. So instead of making you wait an extra week for your WSF print (and having it sit around waiting for the silver print) they sent it separate.

    Also take some pictures and post in the "It Arrived" section!
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