Panache Pen Tubes And Assembled Pen

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  1. Oliver_Krangle
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    I used my pentube generator to create these red SF tubes for the Panache pen. This two-tube screw-together pen can stand vertically on its wider end.

    The smaller tube used for the cap came out a bit warped at the thinner end. This required some careful gluing and trimming of the ends (including the brass tube). My guess is this happened because the material isn't of constant thickness around the tube. The issue was likely exacerbated by needing to go to the minimum wall thickness of 0.7mm at that end of the tube so the decorative pattern would be revealed. It might be less of a problem using frosted detail or HP plastic for this particular design. If you look at the narrow end of the smaller tube you can see a small mismatch between the black band and the end of the printed tube. It's not terrible but it's also not desireable.

    panache pen 1.jpg

    panache pen 2.jpg

    Here's a screen grab of the parameters used for these pen tubes.

    Panache cap tube.jpg

    Panache large tube.jpg
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  2. SnoozeAlongSnail
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    Looks great! :)
    I've always loved writing and fountain pens. Maybe I should try my hand at pens sometime as well.
  3. Oliver_Krangle
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    There are lots of available fountain pen kits from various manufacturers!