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  1. patmat2350
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    I was about to push the button on a big order for White Detail... then noticed in one place (only in one place, the Compare Materials page), White Detail is described as having a "waxy" surface.

    I need to paint my parts... can anyone confirm that White Detail happily accepts enamel paints?

  2. stop4stuff
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    White detail has a wax like feel to it rather than a wax surface. There may be some residue of the gel support material on the surface, but this can be cleaned off by letting the model stand in a mild and warm NaOH solution (aka lye, draino, caustic soda) followed brushing with a soft paintbrsh under running water, repeat as needed.

    I've not tried painting Whie Detail, but it should behave like any other acrylic plastic, so I imagine a coat of primer before the enamels would be ok, it's fine for Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail.

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  3. Dragoman
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    I have painted White and Black Detail. If you clean and prime it properly it is no problem.

    Karl Heinz