paint white detail/transparent detail

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  1. KIZZU
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    hi there!
    can give me anybody an idea how to paint my modells?
    what color makes sense? spray, paint,...???
    it should be waterresistant and easy to process....
  2. pfeifferstylez
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    Step 1:
    Use an old toothbrush (or somethink like that) and lukewarm water with a little bit dish liquid to clean the model.
    The support material for the "Detail" materials is some kind of wax. The color won't adhere if the surface isn't clean.

    Setp 2:
    For Shapeways "Detail" materials, use a primer.

    spray vs. paint
    Well, that depends on the model's size, and the kind of paintjob.
    I prefer an application by brush, but for bigger one-color-paintjobs a spray makes sense.

    I use waterbased acrylic colors.
    Cheap, non-toxic, easy to handle...
    Just give the model an additional coat of clear varnish after you paint it.

    Other people (mostly railroad modelers) use enamel colors with great success.

    I have even seen one guy who used a lacquer spray paint which was intended for cars.

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  3. KIZZU
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    hi pfeiffer stylez...thanks a lot!!! i ll try on it...
  4. stop4stuff
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    Have a dig through this sub-forum & use the search facility - soaking the model in a mild solution of Sodium Hydroxide for 10 mins, then brushing with a soft paint brush off under running water will remove the support material (uncured print material), repeat as many times as necessary for a clean transparent or white detail model.

    Haven't a clue what paints are good but the method above will get the model totally clean.

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