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  1. QRM
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    My first post!

    Does anyone out there have experience of using paint and adhesive on their models? (I think I will mainly be using White Strong Flexible polished).

    My project(s) require my small* 3D printed parts to be fixed to a range of materials including plastic, wood and brass, and are then overpainted.

    *typically less than 5mm x 5mm x 8mm

    What type of paints work, or don't?

    What type of adhesives work, or don't?

    If anyone has had a similar requirement, knowing what was succesful would be extremely useful.

    Thank you.........

  2. dynath
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    I haven't attached any of my prints to wood but i've done plastics and metal many times. I generally print in WSF without polishing. I do a lot of miniature wargaming bits that are about the sizes your are describing.
    The material is a soaks up paint quite well so I generally start by dipping it in Future Floor polish (acrylic floor polish by S.C. johnson). For glue I use traditional CA glue, essentially fancy super glue. As with all glues you have to hold it for a few seconds before it bonds. Because WSF soaks up stuff I seal it before I glue but thats a personal choice not really a requirement.
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  3. QRM
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    Thank you.

    I imagined it would be something like that. I posted the question as i have not received my first order yet, so could not experiment myself