PAID Commision. NEED a Highly Detailed 3D Monster for 3D print 80mm high

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    I am looking for a experienced amazing 3D artist, who specializes in characters and fantasy monsters. Furthermore this artist needs to be familiar with the requirements for 3D printing, so that the model can be printed.

    Now what am I looking for, well I am looking for a highly detailed 80mm fantasy monster. I can't stress enough, this will be a highly detailed high poly monster. Example of one of my 3D monsters that I had made already:

    So please let me know what you can do? Also please take in mind, these miniatures are 100% funded out my pocket, from my salary at my job. I am not a big company, I am a single person making a miniature game.

    Now on the plus side, the person I work with will be making MANY models. Once I find a established 3D artist that has the quality of work I need and meets the compatibility of 3D printing, he/she will be kept busy with a lot of work. I have lined up 12 additional models that are needed, and the list is growing.

    Thanks so much and please feel free to contact me at:

    Looking forward to seeing what talent these forums hold
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