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  1. TheAlchemyst
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    So I got my model (yay!) but it was all bent out of shape - I even broke one of the struts trying to bend it back.

    I love how it was wrapped in bubble wrap, but it just being in a plastic bag led to it being 'smooshed'. In the future I will be trying to include a shipping cage of some sort to prevent such warpage, but it seems to me that puts the burden of shipping protection on the creator (and on the buyer having to pay for more printing material) a lot more than it should... so, some suggestions:

    - automatically print some sort of protective cage based on product dimensions
    - a more careful approach to how the bubble wrap is used (i.e. not so tight that it bends the models)
    - some sort of boxing material or less intrusive packing material (i.e. packing popcorn instead of bubble wrap)

  2. BillBedford
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    FUD has a memory. The way to deal with distortion is to is to pour near boiling water over the model.
  3. Packaging is very important for the product and also good for the business because packaging plays a key role in advertising the brand of the product.
  4. I think so, packaging is a key process in this types of business