Ornate Silver Cross

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  1. SGDesigns
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    Whats up everyone. I just wanted to share my new piece. It arrived yesterday and I started working on it as soon as I got it. I ordered this in the standard silver, then added the patina, removed the patina I didn't want and then gave it a light polish. The front and back sides are identical with detail so this pendant can be worn either way. It measures 2.5 inches and weighs 22 grams. I'm very happy with it.

    You see. I'm not all just skulls and bones. :D

    Cross 1.jpg

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  2. Vidalcris
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    Very nice :eek:
  3. SGDesigns
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    Thanks... I was asked to make something thats not so morbid since I prefer making skulls. I made this for my aunt and im very happy with the results.
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