oringal part that i need

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    I have a oringal part that i need to have reproudced.MICHON VAN TUIJL.said i shoud look @your form. i'am hopeing you can help me .I'am not much of acomputer person .when people talk about software i.am lost .It hink if someone could skan this part . I would ship it to shapeway.so it could 3d print it in meatal. or do i have to send it to someone thatcan desing it from my oringal .is their someone or company that you work with that can do this for me .you may call me with infomation .asap .on 7-11-12. i'll be in surgery &out of comission for a while. i hope you can help TNANKS.206 8494465
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    What kind of item ?
    Can you show us a photo ?
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    PM Sent